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About Us

Who are we?

This site is operated and owned by The Fuelcard Company UK Limited, a leading fuel card supplier in the UK. "Compare Fuel Cards" is a comparison website, designed to help businesses find a suitable fuel card to meet their needs. 

There are approximately 20 fuel cards available on the market within the UK and "Compare Fuel Cards" currently compares 12 fuel cards out of the 20. 


This site is operated by The Fuelcard Company UK Limited, a company owned by the Fleetcor group of companies. The Fleetcor group operates the Allstar and Keyfuel cards, and has partnerships with Shell, Texaco and Esso. The Fuelcard Company UK Limited is also a supplier of the Allstar and Keyfuels cards. 

How we compare 

We generate your results by using the information that you provide us with, we serve you a list of cards that suit your business needs (in alphabetical order) for you to compare and choose from. 

For example: You require a certain amount of diesel per month. We will give you a list of the cards which allow you to purchase such amount. Accordingly, we ensure that the presented results are the most relevant to the information that you have given us. 


Why compare fuel cards?

Get the best value

By comparing fuel cards you can find the one that offers the best value for your requirements.

Different cards match different needs

Many fuel card features come as standard but they have different benefits and usage restrictions so find the one that’s right for you.

Weigh up your options

The best way to find the right card for your business is to compare their specific features, then you can choose with confidence.